Nesting I.



Facial expression 1.


Monster girl Linework.


Instagrammed shot of some line work I started the other day.

Long hair.


~ wizards rule ~

(If you click on that thumbnail, you can see it at a higher resolution.)

I spent way more time on that drawing than I’d intended and should have been working with my tablet instead… Anyway, it’s a practice run on trying to do work that has more movement and flow in it (especially in fantasy-related artwork — ladies aren’t made just to lounge and pose!).

Oh, I bought a professional (italicized to emphasize importance) scanner and now everything looks so much better/more like the original pieces.
I am a little concerned because the above looks so heavily influenced by Ross Campbell’s work… sigh. Not that this is a bad thing; I’ve loved his work for years (perhaps before high school?) and try to read everything he’s been involved with.

Perhaps if I’d made the background something other than a solid black ink wash, it would stand out more but in retrospect, I feel like a giant loser for not being more inventive.

Man, I gotta do something about this terrible image quality. I was hooked up with a free scanner but I think I might indulge in another one:

(You can click the above image to go to its posting on etsy.)

Now that I finally have a phone that will allow me to tether the internet (no more 2am trips to the Barnes & Noble parking lot for wifi! No more waiting around for my significant other to show up with his advanced technology and Internet-Flame! Where was this when I was writing my thesis!), my computer has entered that angsty teenager mode and won’t comply with a lot of what I’m telling it to…

Anyway, I’ve been trying to keep busy: I have a job interview in approximately twelve hours, my half-time enrollment courses begin on the nineteenth, domain setup/management-in-progress, and I’ve been trying to work with/add to my portfolio (an attempt at making the unimpressive, well, impressive) with pieces such as the one above (which you can buy here!). Also, here’s a cellphone-quality photo of one of the pieces I’ve been working on for the past day or two:


I think that’s it for now. See ya soon!


I’m in the process of starting up the “blogging habit” again, and in doing so I’m switching between interfaces. So… here’s a catch-up drawing and a short recap:
– I graduated with my BA in Art History this past May.
– I moved into a newer, nicer apartment with my significant other.
– I opened my own etsy shop.
– I’ll be going to school half-time this Fall because, well, jobs in Art History are a little scarce.
– I’m going to use this blog to document my artistic progress and my work toward my dreams of being a really dorky illustrator.