~ wizards rule ~

(If you click on that thumbnail, you can see it at a higher resolution.)

I spent way more time on that drawing than I’d intended and should have been working with my tablet instead… Anyway, it’s a practice run on trying to do work that has more movement and flow in it (especially in fantasy-related artwork — ladies aren’t made just to lounge and pose!).

Oh, I bought a professional (italicized to emphasize importance) scanner and now everything looks so much better/more like the original pieces.
I am a little concerned because the above looks so heavily influenced by Ross Campbell’s work… sigh. Not that this is a bad thing; I’ve loved his work for years (perhaps before high school?) and try to read everything he’s been involved with.

Perhaps if I’d made the background something other than a solid black ink wash, it would stand out more but in retrospect, I feel like a giant loser for not being more inventive.