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I’m in the process of starting up the “blogging habit” again, and in doing so I’m switching between interfaces. So… here’s a catch-up drawing and a short recap:
– I graduated with my BA in Art History this past May.
– I moved into a newer, nicer apartment with my significant other.
– I opened my own etsy shop.
– I’ll be going to school half-time this Fall because, well, jobs in Art History are a little scarce.
– I’m going to use this blog to document my artistic progress and my work toward my dreams of being a really dorky illustrator.

Postcard Painting in-progress.

Line work and base layers of a postcard painting for a friend.

Line work and base layers of a postcard painting for a friend.


Above is a mobile phone shot of a commission-in-progress. The line work is begun with architecture pencils, redefined with .7mm lead, and then inked with ball-point pen and Copic Multiliners. The finished product will, hopefully, consist of a warm grey color palette done in watercolor with minor ink details (much as all of my other work).

I haven’t blogged in quite some time (nearly a year, perhaps more) and am not entirely sure what readers would be interested in hearing about. In the past, I’ve limited entries to consisting of art-related posts as well as photos from what little travel I manage to do. Suggestions would be appreciated!

Herzlich Wilkommen.

GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS, I am testing the waters of WordPress.